Occupational Therapy in Florence and Muscle Shoals, AL

Occupational therapy is meant to help people effectively engage in the activities they want and need. Patients of all ages are eligible for occupational therapy. For children, this type of therapy can allow them to participate in educational and social situations fully by using adaptive equipment. Adults may seek occupational therapy to recover the everyday skills they lost as a result of an injury or joint swelling. In senior adults, this type of therapy is a common strategy to adjust to physical and cognitive changes that come with age.

When a patient is ready to begin occupational therapy, we usually begin by doing a brief yet thorough consultation to get to know the patient, their medical history, and the way they perform tasks. During the consultation, we will evaluate the patient’s current abilities and identify their needs. Once that information is established, we can start creating a treatment plan that sets specific goals and plans activities to help the patient achieve them. Occupational therapy helps a patient become more engaged with his or her environment while becoming more self-sufficient and independent. In addition to therapy, special equipment is usually recommended for a patient to achieve their goals.